Sol Trickey

Land Developer

Senior land development leader with a passion for urban life, Sol Trickey has a successful track record of managing teams that deliver outstanding, brand-defining developments, achieving and surpassing project objectives while contributing positively to their neighborhoods.

Sol Trickey graduated from Carleton University and York University, where he studied Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Following school, Sol went on to pursue a career in development. Today, Sol Trickey is a Vancouver based land developer who entered the industry 20 years ago and has grown promptly with heightened involvement across all facets of this market, dealing with not only residential but parcel properties, mixed use, industrial, commercial and housing.

Currently a high profile executive of Interior Build Inc, Sol Trickey prides himself on both his honesty and transparency with client. Sol fully commits himself to the needs and desires of his clients with each new project. With the industry of land development evolving on a daily basis, Sol Trickey consistently works to ensure that his clients are well represented and satisfied with the project.

On the rare non-working weekends, Sol enjoys boating, traveling, or hiking with his family; he and his wife split their time between their family, job and community service, sharing each new enriching experience together. Sol Trickey stands behind the fact that “living in balance is the best way to live and the best way to serve those surrounding me”.

With over 20 years of experience developing a wide variety residential and commercial land development projects, Trickey is most passionate about land development and urbanism, “I bring a breadth of development and urban planning experience to my work”.

Sol’s specialties include land acquisition, rezoning, impact analysis, and environmental and safety review. Sol Trickey has experience finding the right land to be turned into marketable, profitable subdivisions, urban communities, shopping centers, and industrial parts. This experience includes selecting sites, analyzing costs, land use policies, zoning, environmental legislation, leasing, property management, highest and best use strategies.

As an experienced land developer in the Vancouver area, Trickey maintains strong connections with local businesses and government in order to get help and accomplish projects on time. Sol Trickey works to create dynamic developments that provide positive fiscal impacts to neighborhood communities, while utilizing designs to incorporate green building practices and sustainable materials. As a developer, Trickey is often apart of a large team of architects, contractors, landscapers, politicians, real estate agents, and numerous other professionals. Trickey truly appreciates his job and has found his career to be rewarding in more ways than one.

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