Sol Trickey

Land Developer

Senior land development leader with a passion for urban life, Sol Trickey has a successful track record of managing teams that deliver outstanding, brand-defining developments, achieving and surpassing project objectives while contributing positively to their neighborhoods.

Sol Trickey attended and graduated from two different, reputable colleges in Canada: Carleton University in Ottawa and York University in Toronto. His curriculum primarily focused on Latin American and Caribbean Studies. While he appreciated his time at university, following school Sol went on to pursue a career in the field of development. He worked his way up through various industry positions over the course of two decades, achieving success and acquiring crucial knowledge along the way.

Today, Sol Trickey is a land developer based in Vancouver, Canada with more than 20 years of experience backing his diverse skillset. He has expanded his areas of professional expertise over the years, and his responsibilities have grown promptly with heightened involvement across all facets of the development market. Sol enjoys working with not only residential properties but also parcel properties, mixed-use, industrial, commercial and housing.

Currently a high profile executive of Interior Build Inc., Sol Trickey prides himself on both his honesty and transparency with clients. He takes the necessary steps and makes the necessary time for his backers in order to show them the value of their investments. Sol fully commits himself to the needs and desires of his clients with each new project, recognizing that every client comes to him with a different goal in mind and a preferred method of doing business. He works diligently to ensure that he meets and exceeds client expectations in every interaction while simultaneously working to keep projects on track and in line with current industry standards. Because the industry of land development evolves on a daily basis, Sol Trickey consistently works to ensure that the views of his clients are well-represented, and the conditions they set forth are satisfied with each project.

Using his decades of industry experience developing a wide variety of residential and commercial projects as a reference, Trickey has fostered several unique and admirable interests within his field. Specifically, he is most passionate about land development as it pertains to urbanism— the development and planning of cities and towns to improve culture and livability. Sol finds great joy in analyzing and assessing the long-term impact of each urban project that crosses his desk, and he strives to ensure that these projects provide a level of betterment to their given location.  “I bring a breadth of development and urban planning experience to my work,” says Trickey, whose goal it is to utilize that experience to continuously improve upon the livability of all urban environments he has the ability to impact.

Because of his love for urbanism and urban development, Sol Trickey chooses to live and work in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is a relatively progressive city known for its frequent attempts to improve livability for the many individuals that choose to call it home. In fact, the city is so famous for its urban progression that it has its own brand of urbanism called Vancouverism.

Vancouver urbanism is characterized by a “large residential population living in the city centre with mixed-use developments, typically with a medium-height, commercial base and narrow, high-rise residential towers, significant reliance on mass public transit, creation and maintenance of green park spaces, and preserving view corridors.” It is for this reason that many land-developers regularly flock to Vancouver and Sol is no exception. Tricky prides himself on being an integral part of the city’s thriving urban development scene.


Sol Trickey and Family Profile Picture

Some of Sol’s other specialties include land acquisition, rezoning, impact analysis, and environmental and safety review. Each of these items is an important aspect of property development and Sol takes care to give 100% of his sizable work ethic to every one of them. During the acquisition process, Sol Trickey calls on his experience to select the right land to be turned into marketable, profitable subdivisions, urban communities, shopping centers, and industrial parts. He actively participates in choosing potential sites and vetting them for development. On any given day you might find Sol analyzing and forecasting costs, researching and reviewing current and future land use policies, verifying zoning laws and regulations, and referencing environmental legislation. His previous experience in leasing, property management, and highest and best use strategies serve to bolster his knowledge base when engaging in this type of development research.


As a seasoned land developer in the Vancouver area, Sol Trickey maintains strong connections with local businesses and government employees. He considers the relationships he builds on a daily basis to be essential in his line of work. The forged and nurtured connections allow Sol to ask questions, expand his working knowledge of current events that might affect his projects, and adhere to strict timelines designed to satisfy his clients. Often, he extends these relationships to the members of his development team.

In order to create the dynamic urban developments he desires, the kind of developments that offer positive fiscal impacts to the neighborhoods and communities they enhance, Sol Trickey works with a wide variety of businesses and individuals on a daily basis. On any given day, Sol’s team might include architects responsible for designing, contractors in charge of building, and real estate agents responsible for showing and selling, but that’s not all. Trickey also regularly works with landscapers, politicians, city clerks, subcontractors, and numerous other industry professionals while on a project.

As a senior land development leader, Sol refuses to spend his days behind a desk and makes it a point to visit his sites in person on a consistent basis. By immersing himself in the physical construction of the project, he is able to better understand and subsequently answer any questions or concerns brought up by his team. This builds a valuable level of trust between Sol and the team members he oversees. The visits also work to keep Trickey up-to-date on project intricacies that may or may not be overlooked in word-of-mouth reports or paperwork.

Sol Trickey truly appreciates his job and has found his career to be rewarding in more ways than one, but he doesn’t let his role as a senior land developer take away from life’s other sources of joy. While he does find himself working through many weekends and evenings, Sol frequently tries to set aside time for his wife and their two children.

Trickey and his wife aspire to instill a sense of responsibility and compassion in their children and often spend time urging them to participate in philanthropic or charitable activities. They encourage community service and educate their children on the critical importance of valuing all human life, but particularly the life that they are likely to encounter within the diverse Vancouver infrastructure. Many of these life lessons and enrichment activities are completed as a family unit.

On his rare non-working weekends, Sol Trickey enjoys taking in all that Canada has to offer by traveling to new destinations. He is particularly fond of spending time on the water, which he usually does by boat, and going on nature hikes with his family. Trickey and his wife work hard to split their time between work, family, and service, ensuring that each family member recognizes and appreciates the importance of each. To Sol, “living in balance is the best way to live and the best way to serve those surrounding me.”

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