As a landlord, you will experience many different kinds of tenants. In a perfect world, every tenant would be dream renter but that is not the case. What are some qualities of a dream tenant?

Has Good References

Before you rent to anyone, you should check their references. This requires that you ask your potential renter for at least three references and that you follow through on calling them. A previous landlord has nothing to lose when giving a reference to a previous tenant. Take what their previous landlord has to say seriously before renting to this person.

In addition to professional references, you should require personal references. This will help you gain insight into who the person is in their life. You can learn about their hobbies, the type of people they associate with and more.

Has a Stable Job

While looking over the potential renter’s information, you should pay attention to their job history. You can learn so much from this small part of their information. For example, if you notice that they have worked with their current employer for a few years or held a few different roles within the same company, that’s a good sign! On the other hand, if you notice a ton of job changes, some red flags should go up in your mind. Not only does a stable and steady job mean reliable rent payments, but it also means that your future tenant is responsible and you likely won’t have to worry about much.

Responds Promptly to your Outreach

As you are vetting your potential new tenant, pay attention to their responsiveness. If you ask for a document, are they quick to get it to you or do you not hear from them for a week? This is important because the way they behave as a potential tenant dictates exactly how they will behave as a tenant.

Every landlord wants to rent to the dream tenant. Someone who pays their rent on time each month and causes little to no issues. This is obviously not realistic. However, there are certain qualities you can look for in a potential tenant that will help guide you in making your choice. Tenants who have good references, a stable job and respond promptly to your outreach make the best candidates.