Property owners and administrators normally face an uphill battle when creating a conducive environment for tenants to live in. Most jurisdictions around the globe require landlords and property administrators to create a suitable, safe, and hygienic environment for all tenants, failure of which can lead to expensive and time-consuming legal repercussions. Research has shown that most tenants normally complain of 4 major issues when living in hired residential properties.

Maintenance issues

Residential properties will require maintenance from time to time. It’s inevitable. Such maintenance can range from fixing broken accessories to restoring the property condition to a safe, habitable state. The most commonly requested maintenance issues involve broken pipework, electrical malfunctions, and broken fixtures like doorknobs, window latches, and outside lighting. Tenants who file maintenance requests and are faced with delayed responses or solutions may feel compelled to vacate the premises in search of better service.

Poor communication

Communication between landlords and tenants is of critical importance. The relationship between renter and rentee is a unique one, and both parties need to feel as if their concerns are being heard and understood. Lack of communication from either party can result in unintentionally high emotions and the beginning of a “blame game” that will not end well. Tenants need to feel as if they have an effective outlet for their comments, concerns, and complaints, and they need those things to be acknowledged and addressed in a timely manner.


The reality of multi-family housing is that your neighbors are close. Tenants share walls, floors, and ceilings with several other tenants and if the insulation and soundproofing aren’t adequate, (or the neighbors are disrespectful), noise can become a problem rather quickly. Tenants that regularly deal with interrupted sleep schedules, an inability to concentrate, or the constant need to raise their own voices for conversation can become irritable and unsatisfied. They may take out their frustrations on a landlord who hasn’t controlled the noise problem as opposed to the actual perpetrators.

Rodent infestation

The fourth and final most common complaint of tenants is rodent and/or pest infestation. Mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, termites, and ants are popular reasons for a tenant to register their dismay with property maintenance or ownership. It bears noting that infestations may be the result of unhygienic living conditions (originating with either the tenant or the landlord), but they can also be attributed to structural damage and landscaping in the area.